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This website is designed to introduce you to the Sycamore Crossing Shopping Center, a proposed retail project for Hercules that will include a state-of-the-art Urban Safeway grocery store with rooftop parking, restaurants, shops and more!

To design a project that best serves the entire community, please take a moment to fill out our project survey, and continue to visit this website for project updates and news of community meetings.  We look forward to bringing you the benefits and savings of Safeway.


Did you know Sycamore Crossing will have a Walking Trail?

It's true! If approved by the City of Hercules, the Sycamore Crossing project will not be your average shopping center, but a lifestyle center complete with a scenic walking trail, outdoor eating areas and open space! LIKE and SHARE this post with your Hercules neighbors!
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4 days ago

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Stefanie SosaWhen will it be approved? Is there a time frame of when they will decide?2   ·  4 days ago

Joty N SaurabhI am hopeful but City of Hercules never get anything done!4   ·  4 days ago

Phil SimmonsYep, But the main trail will be the hike you will have to take to get from the street to the store entrances unless of coarse you are driving there. So much for a walkable urban plan. Nothing like a nature walk at a strip mall.2   ·  4 days ago

Kim DauerSooner the better!1   ·  3 days ago

Cathleen Tookie Brum SlagaAwesome, can't wait.1   ·  4 days ago

Corazon KrickenSounds great, I hope it gets approved.1   ·  4 days ago

Beth BennettPlease let us know what we have to do as community citizens to get this approved...1   ·  4 days ago

Debra A MimsWhat we need is Bart not walking trails to Safeway. Wake up Hercules. That project has been sitting there for at least 7 years untouched and incomplete. You sold it pennies on a dollar and still can't seem to get the developer to finish the project. We could be an amazing town if we got our act together, wish someone would please listen.13 hours ago

Alex TiangcoCan't wait for the walking trail, im tired of the ducks poop in the park20 hours ago

James Matthew McMillanCity of Hercules - Please - Let's get this approved and under construction.2 days ago

Carolyn MoffatI think the walking trail is a great idea & will be used a lot after it is built. Everyone in the community will utilize & enjoy it...you'll see.2 days ago

Patricia MilesBring it!2 days ago

Vicki PillowPlease hurry -we have needed this for years!!!3 days ago

Stephanie HallGood, because Luckys sucks lol3 days ago

Greg CohorstWhere in the hell is Hercules, California?3 days ago

Krystle Roque LopezHehe is that rendering done by sketchup?4 days ago

Patty Chandler LeonYes went to the meeting. They will have a creek running through it also. I have pictures if you wZnt to see4 days ago

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Not only will the proposed Sycamore Crossing center have a new Safeway, but it will have a number of other shops and restaurants to better serve the surrounding community! However, we still need hte approval of the City to move forward. Stay tuned for important project updates!

LIKE this post if you can't wait to shop at Sycamore Crossing!
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3 weeks ago

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Adam Nikki HatlerBring more organic products to Hercules. That would be a winner.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Roy SedanoCan't wait! Hercules needs this places to spend time and money instead of neighboring cities.1   ·  3 weeks ago

David Aguerolooks like a lot of jobs will be created..2 weeks ago

Johnson Pierre WakendaAgree bring it!!!!2 weeks ago

Beth BennettLucky's needs a competitor, bring Hercules Safeway at Sycamore Crossing here....3 weeks ago

Bill JonesAlso can't wait. Let's go!3 weeks ago

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Thank you for attending our Safeway at Sycamore Crossing Open House this past Saturday! Over 200 people joined us throughout the day to learn more about our exciting plans for Sycamore Crossing.

While our goal is to move forward with this project as quickly as possible, our plans for Sycamore Crossing must still be approved by the City Council. We will be sure to keep you updated as to future Council Meetings, and we hope that you can attend these meetings and have your voice heard!
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2 months ago

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Tricia DizonI missed the meeting. What are the plans? Any specific stores or restaurants? When is the estimated time to start building and plans for when it will be finished?1 month ago

Joanne Sklavos SaporitaIf you build it, I guarantee we will all come!2   ·  1 month ago

Bill JonesNice community meeting. After all the delay could the ground breaking begin Now and PLEASE don't forget the gas station. A lot of us can't wait.2   ·  1 month ago

Beth BennettI couldn't attend the meeting, but I hope you guys get approved, we need a better store than Lucky's....2   ·  1 month ago

Kim DauerThe sooner the better!2   ·  1 month ago

Sonia SanchezI couldn't make it, but I'm excited! We really need a Safeway here!!1   ·  1 month ago

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America will never forget the brave souls who lost their lives on this day 13 years ago. Our thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones on that tragic day. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago